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About me

My wellness journey really began 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. It began with becoming more aware and concerned about the potentially harmful effects of the commonly found chemicals in beauty, skincare and household products. I began researching and using the EWG (environmental workings group) as a benchmark measurement of safety. 

As someone who loved wearing makeup in my youth, I was deeply dismayed by what I found.

Knowledge is power.

I became an avid ingredient reader and switched all of my make-up, personal and skincare to organic/green/natural.

"If I can't eat it, I won't put it on my skin" became my new mantra.

❀ Household cleaning products followed. 

❀ Then we made a commitment to eat/buy organic and               whole foods only.

❀  Surrounded our children with only natural toys/material.

❀  We became Vegan.

❀  We use holistic/natural remedies (pharmaceuticals when absolutely necessary)


❀ We purged/donated our closets of anything synthetic and factory made and committed to buying ethically and handmade garments from naturally dyed, organic and/or natural textiles

❀ We use essential oils to support our whole body health and wellness

The result? We live a lifestyle that elevates our spirits as well as our bodies, and is aligned with our values as much as possible. Our long term goal is to build our own fully sustainable, off-grid eco-home.


One step at a time.

What I have realized in all of this, is the power we have as consumers is immense. The choices that we make in what we buy and consume has a deep and widespreading impact.

Everything is interconnected.

I truly believe women and their families deserve health and happiness  - mind, body and soul -  while making a positive impact on the beautiful planet we live on, and creating a better future for our children.

I'm here to share my experiences, educate and help you make an investment in your health and well-being. 


Please follow along, subscribe to the blog or reach out and connect with me anytime for support or get started on your own journey.

Serenely, Paula