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You can nurture your families naturally. Essential Oils provide health-conscious individuals with safe and natural alternatives for everything from sleep, anxiety, digestion, cleaning and immunity. They are essentials for your natural toolkit, and will help to reduce your toxic load, with few (if any) undesirable side effects when used as directed.

These drops of nature's purest compounds work to nurture mind, body and soul.

What are Essential Oils?

Naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Highly concentrated when distilled, for purity, potency and efficacy. Such unique properties make essential oils ideal for applications inclusion in aromatherapy – using these compounds from plants to help maintain a healthy mind and body


Because of the lack of regulation in regards to claims of essential oils purity (an estimated 95% are adulterated or reconstituted) doTERRA created and trademarked a testing process known as  CPTG Quality Testing (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® to meet this need and provide the purest quality oils possible.

doTERRA begins the CPTG testing process shortly after distillation, when each oil is reviewed for its chemical composition. The doTERRA production facility carries out a second round of testing to ensure that the oils distilled and tested during the first round are the same ones that arrived at our facility. A third review of the chemistry of the oils is conducted as the oils are packaged into the bottles before they’re shipped out to consumers. 

Each test confirms that our essential oils are free of contaminants and that no unexpected alterations occurred during production.

The CPTG quality testing process includes eight main steps to guarantee that every batch of doTERRA essential oil is pure, unadulterated, and safe for use.

Here are the tests doTERRA uses to ensure essential oil purity:

  1. Organoleptic testing

  2. Microbial testing

  3. Gas chromatography

  4. Mass spectrometry

  5. Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)

  6. Chirality testing

  7. Isotopic analysis

  8. Heavy metal testing

In short:

- Every oil is rigorously tested for purity & potency

- Guaranteed to be free from fillers, artificial ingredients or harmful contaminants.

*Each batch is tested multiple times, and contains a batch number at the bottom which you can input online to look at lab results. No other essential oil company offers this level of transparency.  

Co-Impact Sourcing

Instead of buying up large swatches of land and owning their own farms, doTERRA sources directly from where it grows natively and with dedicated small farmers with whom they form a close and trusting relationship. They are dedicated to sustainability and actually making a positive and lasting impact in the countries/communities where the oils are sourced.

doTERRA created the Co-Impact Sourcing® Initiative and the following 8 principles to ensure responsible practices in all our sourcing communities:

  1. Generating Jobs: Reduce poverty by creating and sustaining jobs

  2. Providing Fair, On-Time Payments: Offer consistent, fair payments to producers, including prepayments

  3. Building Supplier Capacity: Support farmers, producers, and distillers through training and financial support

  4. Sustaining Long-Term Partnerships: Provide multi-year contracts with growers and distillers based on solidarity and respect

  5. Ensuring Fair Labor Conditions: Create healthy and safe working environments, free from harassment and discrimination

  6. Promoting Cooperatives: Guarantee respect the right for all employees and producers to join and form co-operatives

  7. Furthering Environmental Stewardship: Promote energy efficient technologies, renewable energy, and waste minimization

  8. Facilitating Community Development: Support community development projects in sourcing communities such as schools, health clinics, training facilities, and clean water systems

doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing strategy is also a deliberate approach to provide ethically responsible employment opportunities for those involved in the essential oil supply chain by creating and sustaining jobs in rural and underserved areas. doTERRA is committed to benefiting everyone involved: from the small-scale producers to the end-users – from the source, to you.

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Serenely, Paula

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