Organic Baby Capsule Wardrobe (0-6 months)

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

As promised, here is my accompanying blog post for my IGTV Video, which you can also watch below (scroll all the way bottom for the best part!) But first, let's start with some third-trimester updates! Because I'm sure, you're wondering about that photo.

No, our baby isn't here yet. That utterly adorable photograph is of Willow Grace at a week old captured so delicately by my lovely friend Kristen Courtney Photography. Overall I'm feeling great! I mean, as well as one can be for having nearly run a 40-week marathon. Seriously, pregnant women are the ultimate endurance athletes. Check out these highlights from a BBC article entitled "Ultimate Limit of Human Endurance Found."

The ultimate limit of human endurance has been worked out by scientists analyzing a 3,000-mile run, the Tour de France and other elite events. They showed the cap was 2.5 times the body's resting metabolic rate or 4,000 calories a day for an average person.

Anything higher than that was not sustainable in the long term.

The research, by Duke University, also showed pregnant women were endurance specialists, living at nearly the limit of what the human body can cope with. During pregnancy, women's energy use peaks at 2.2 times their resting metabolic rate, the study showed.

Mamas - we didn't really need a study to tell us that do we?! Still, it's nice to have research and data confirm to the rest of the world that we are simply incredible.

Minimum Stuff, Maximum Love

I've written at length about the importance of sourcing natural, sustainable clothing, how to create a capsule wardrobe and also some of our favourite sustainable/ethical clothing brands.

All of my tips apply as much to babies as children and adults. Admittedly, it's trickier with a newborn because of how quickly they grow and how many outfit changes they may need to go through in a day. I mean, my children are down to about 1-2 outfit changes in a day, and since I wear linen every day, I'll wear the same outfit (not necessarily consecutively a good 2-3 times before it needs to be washed). However, from my experience with three children, I can tell you it is definitely possible to start minimal and stick to a capsule wardrobe even from the very beginning.

My first child Ellie had the most amount of clothes; as being first-time parents, we really didn't know what we'd actually need/use, so I erred on the side of being over-prepared (as first-timers often do). With our second child Aurora, we did the sweetest, softest, newborn capsule from Little Little Organics for the Spring/Summer and handknit baby alpaca from Boske Kids (sadly, this small brand is no longer in business) for Fall/Winter.

Seriously how cute did she look?

Baby Capsule Wardrobe for Summer

Technically our new baby will be born in the late summer, so we're really looking into transitional summer-to-fall pieces. Basically, we want materials that will help moderate body temperature - keep him cool on the hot days and warm on the colder days. I was first introduced to the European brands: Engel, Disana and Hocosa when Ellie was 6 months old, and my mother-in-law ordered a big haul from Warmth & Weather for her.

Supporting Canadian brands is really important to us, but those European brands are just so incomparable in terms of comfort and quality that they have become a staple in my children's wardrobes. We buy ours from a small Canadian reseller so we can both support local and get top quality, win-win.

So without further delay, here are the highlights and favourites of our baby capsule wardrobe for 0-6 months (please scroll past if you'd rather just see pictures, links, descriptions etc.).

0-3 months

Most of these descriptions are from the brand/retailer. I've added some of my own personal comments under notes. Also, yes, that's a ton of blue! Because firstly, I love the colour, and also these brands (Engel especially) tend to either carry natural/cream, blue or pink/lilac, and I don't recommend natural/cream in the early days because of the potential diaper blow-outs.

Please note: these brands are 100% handmade with materials ethically sourced from organic sheep farms.

Engel Baby Bonnet, Wool/Silk

Engel 60% Organic Merino Wool/30% Silk bonnet matches Engel's lovely pink or mint striped onesies. A baby cap gives gentle protection to the baby's crown area, still not completely closed. Compared to the rest of the body, the head of a baby is relatively large, and the heat loss through the head is significant. The baby's head stays warm under the cap without feeling hot.

Notes: We used one for all our babies, as keeping the head warm, especially on colder days, is so important. This cap is very soft, comfortable and light.

Engel Baby Onesie Long Sleeve, Wool/Silk

Engel baby long sleeve onesie in 70% natural organic merino wool and 30% silk is soft, silky and gently warm. Wool/silk is a good blend for sensitive skin. Silk actively balances temperature, giving warmth when it is cold and cools down when warm. Silk can absorb up to 40 % of its own weight as moisture. This lovely soft lilac stripe or blue mint stripe onesie has long-waisted yoga pants to match.

Engel Baby Yoga Pant, Merino Wool/Silk

Engel 70% Organic Merino Wool and 30% Silk yoga pant for baby gives extra room in the legs and is high waisted for coverage around the developing vital organs. The pant goes nicely over the matching onesies giving gentle warmth.

Notes: I'm going to sound repetitive, but this is so soft and comfortable! Willow had a couple of pairs, and they also grow with her because of the cuffs and waistband (so don't be afraid to size up)

Engel Baby Overall Wool Terry (without feet)

Engel organic 100% wool terry overall is ideal for crawlers and toddlers who are close to the floor and need the extra warmth of wool. It is light and loose-fitting, which helps with movement. The Engel wool/silk footed sleeper underneath is a great base layer for the overall.

Notes: they also have this available with feet, my tip is to get it without so it can grow more with your baby! (just be sure to cover those toes up with some warm booties when it gets cold)

Disana Baby/Toddler Pants with Straps, Knitted Wool

Disana knitted organic wool pants with shoulder straps have all-around comfort. Whether your little one is laying down, crawling or taking the first steps, these knitted pants are warm and comfortable. The waistband is high to keep the tummy and back warm, while the removable straps keep everything in place. Designed with plenty of space around the bottom for a diaper.

Notes: In our top 3 must-have baby/toddler clothing items ever. Willow lived in these all fall/winter and early Spring. They are so comfortable and fit right over her base layers. You can also move and sew the straps as needed so you can skip a size interval.

Capsule Wardrobe for Winter (3-6 months)

Disana Baby/Toddler Melange Sweater, with Envelope Neck, Wool Knit

Disana's 100% organic melange wool pullover sweater is a one-of-a-kind piece for any wardrobe. Soft purl stitches and fine merino wool make it a favourite. The envelope neckline is easy to put on and fits especially snugly on the neck. Single-coloured, curled neck edges and the melange body colour add that certain something. Simply a very special pullover.

Disana Baby Pant, Boiled Wool

Disana's baby pants made of soft boiled wool are lightweight yet durable and comfortable for crawlers. The generous cut fits over diapers. A wide, finely knitted waistband with an inserted elastic band fits the belly without pinching. The cuff at the ankle keeps pants from riding up on the leg.

Engel Baby Sleeper with feet, Wool Terry

Engel's 100% organic wool terry is perfect for a sleeper. It's cozy, yet due to wool's breathability, your little one doesn't overheat. Snaps run down the front. The sleeper fits a large for its size, so don't size up when ordering.

Notes: Willow lived in this for years (we got multiple sizes). Because she wore it as a sleeper (at night only), so it hardly ever got stained or soiled, we would just air it out to clean (wool is self-cleaning) or spot clean as needed.

Disana Baby Booties, Boiled Merino Wool

100% Organic Merino Wool Booties are for tiny crawlers and walkers. The double velcro fasteners make these boiled merino wool booties easy to put on and adjust to suit the baby’s feet. The long shank with sewn-in elastic stops the booties from falling off. Non-slip soles keep the baby safe when taking steps or crawling. These booties can also be used as slippers indoors. They are not designed for the outdoors.

Disana Boiled Wool Coat/Overalls

In ultra-soft 100% organic boiled wool from head to toe – that‘s our Disana boiled wool overalls. The big hood, the roll-up cuffs on the arms and legs, the great fit, the lovely big tagua nut buttons: all these details help to make our boiled wool overall a really special addition to baby’s wardrobe.

The boiled wool regulates temperature and humidity like no other fabric. The high lanolin content in the wool makes the overall almost waterproof. Both these effects make the boiled wool overall great to wear over a baby‘s clothes when playing in the snow. The overall now has a newly shaped hood, with a snugger fit around the face. The hood and neck parts are now lined with fine organic cotton to ensure nothing itches in these sensitive areas.

Capsule Wardrobe Color Palette

I love to stick to colour palettes for capsule wardrobes! I can't speak too much to that here as it's all blue, but generally speaking, you want to pick some complementary colours that go well together. You can read more about that here.

The best part...

None of these garments are cheap, because they are handmade and ethically sourced from the finest organic materials. However, it is well worth the investment, and it just so happens that:

Warmth and Weather is a having a 40-50% sale on all of the above and more UNTIL AUGUST 10th! SERIOUSLY. Run don't walk.

Take it from someone who has been buying these products for years, I've never seen them run a sale like that before. Click here to shop!

Those are the highlights/our must-have capsule wardrobe items for baby from 0-6 months! I will do another post for 6-12 months when the time comes.