Simplicity Parenting

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I want to share a resource with you that was very helpful and marked a turning point in our journey of parenting and educating our young children: Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne. This book has sparked a movement and a method that is both effective and so necessarily in today's world where childhood is disappearing into "too much and too fast".

Simplicity Parenting based on the book by Kim John Payne offers a simple, orderly, and effective pathway to simplify four realms at home, which reduces stress on children and their parents, and allows room for connection, creativity, and relaxation.

These four realms for simplifying are:

Environment: De-cluttering too much stuff at home.

Rhythm: Increasing predictability by introducing rhythmic moments for connection and calm.

Scheduling: Soothing violent schedules brings moments for Being into all the Doing.

Unplugging: Reducing the influence of adult concerns, media and consumerism on children and families to increase resilience, social and emotional intelligence.

Parents who take steps along this pathway to simplify their homes and their schedules, to introduce more predictable rhythms and to filter out concerns which children are not yet able to cope with, find that their children:

• Are calmer and happier • Do better socially and emotionally • Are more focused at school • Find it easier to comply with family rules • Become less picky eaters

These parents also find that they themselves:

• To have a clearer picture of what they value as parents • Are more united with each other in their parenting • Have more time and energy for connection, relaxation, and fun

I will be writing a series of posts on how we have worked on each of those four realms and implemented these principles, along with ideas and inspiration for how you can do this at home.

This post originally appeared on my Willow Play School Blog