The Top 3 Things to Look for in Sustainable Green Beauty Products (+ Kjaer Weis review pt. 2)

Becoming a parent was my impetus for striving towards a more natural, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. However, my green living journey started before I even became pregnant, more than eight years ago. As a young woman, I wore a lot of make-up and had a nagging question about what kind of long-term effects it was having on my skin and my health. I started looking more into the ingredients commonly found in conventional skincare, cosmetic and personal care products and was shocked at what I found. In 2010, Gillian Deacon wrote a book called: "There's lead in your lipstick," in which she shared alarming facts and statistics about the everyday products that women were using.

"By the time she heads out the front door, the modern woman has spritzed, sudsed, and slathered herself in more than 127 different chemicals, many of them more toxic than beautifying." - Gillian Deacon

Why should you care about Green Beauty?

Even if you are not a make-up wearer, chances are you use toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, soaps and shampoos! So please listen up! Your skin is the largest organ on your body and ingests all of the ingredients that are contained in those products. Personally, I use the term green beauty to refer to all of those products. When it comes to green beauty products, my general motto is: I will not put anything on my skin that I wouldn't eat. The cosmetics industry is worth about $380 billion dollars USD and is only forecasted to grow. Think of all the people ingesting harmful chemicals from these products and all the pollution, waste and toxic chemicals being produced from the ingredients and packaging.

What's a health and eco-conscious person to do?

Watch my video below:

In case you don't feel like watching my video, here's a recap:

The top 3 Things to look for in Sustainable Green Beauty Products


Your best defence against greenwashing, the practice of making a product look natural, green, clean and sustainable when it really isn't is to analyze the ingredients to see if they match up to their marketing and labelling claims. I will do a blog post with some of the top ingredients and red flags to look out for, but until then, please read this article on how to see past greenwashing in green beauty products.

Tip: finding a small and reputable green beauty store that carefully curates their products such as The Detox Market is a great place to start.


Remember when I said if you care about living more sustainably than green beauty should definitely be on your radar? Here’s where a really obvious point comes in: look for products with low to zero-waste and sustainable packaging. Unfortunately, only 9% of plastic actually gets recycled (more on this later). Can you imagine all the plastic lip balm containers that have accumulated over the years into our oceans and landfills?! So try to look for products that use no plastic, and can be reused and refilled instead.

Locally Sourced (or DIY!)

Supporting local green makeup brands when possible is always a win. It reduces the carbon footprint of shipping and supports a local artisan/maker! And if you’re really feeling inclined, you could always source local ingredients and make your own bath and beauty products (keep your eye on my DIY section here and be sure to contact me with any requests).

Kjaer Weis review pt. 2

I thought I'd hit two birds with one stone here with top tips for choosing green beauty products, and also talk about one of my very favourite brands that checks off almost all the boxes (except for being locally sourced).

This is part 2 of my Kjaer Weis review, and you can find part 1 here, where I cover their cream foundation.

So disclaimer: This post is not paid or sponsored in any way but does contain affiliate links, meaning I make a very small commission from the referral if you purchase through my link. It doesn't cost you anything extra, and it allows me to cover my expenses of web hosting/maintenance so I can keep on blogging!

Kjaer Weis Cream Blushes Review

In "desired glow" and flush and glow duo in "luminous flush"

Ahhh these cream blushes are absolutely incredible; they melt into the skin like butter, stay on all day and come in many luminous and natural-looking shades. The finish is dewy and very natural. The ingredients are clean and certified organic. Some highlights include castor seed oil to strengthen the skin, Beeswax and Jojoba Seed Oil to nourish and moisturize and Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil, while gardenia Florida Fruit Extract works as a natural preservative. Apply with clean fingers to the apples of your cheeks.

I have on Desired Glow (a very natural subtle sun-kissed glow, when I wear this on its own, you can't tell I'm wearing makeup at all!) and the Flush and Glow duo in Luminous flush, which contains the cream blush Blossoming (perfect rosy hue for a glowing, fresh-faced look for fair to medium-dark skin tones) and the bronzer is Lustrous (sunlit bronze)

Mom win: this is a super simple way to freshen up. I take all of 5 mins (max) to do my makeup if I'm wearing any at all!

In the last photo, I also have on Kjaer Weis' cream foundation in "Paper thin"

(And no I don't use any filters on my photos!)

The other products I have from her are her Eyeshadow and Eye pencil, but I will postpone for a possible Kjaer Weis review pt. 3 because, honestly, I haven't used them yet!

Also, I am not, nor intend to be a "beauty blogger," so please don't expect detailed makeup tutorials or anything like that! I'm sure you can find plenty of YouTubers who cover that area. My interest in green beauty lies insofar as it contributes to health, wellness and a more sustainable lifestyle. If you have more questions and want to see detailed swatches, please don't hesitate to drop me a comment.

I look forward to sharing more of my "best of green beauty" recommendations with you!