Welcome to Mama Serene Blog!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

So here I am, in my own little corner of the web, to write about homeschooling, holistic parenting, natural living, crafting, DIY etc. It can be difficult for us mothers and caregivers to claim a space of our own when so much of our days are spent caring for our children and our families. A mother's work is an all encompassing and a truly holistic one - we are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual caregivers and providers. It can be a truly arduous task. Where does the separation between self and mother come in? Where does the space between mother and child start and end? It is through our inner work that we may centre ourselves, grow from our experiences and in turn be better for ourselves and those we love. And yet despite all this quiet introspection there is ever the need to connect with others. And so I am claiming this space as my own, and I invite you, dear reader to follow along my musings, reflections and offerings.